Frequently asked questions

What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is a unique shared, all-inclusive workspace in Beit Shemesh for local small-to-medium businesses.

Where is it located?

TeamUp is located at the entrance to Beit Shemesh. Located in the BIG offices, TeamUp is in close proximity to 15 restaurants, 4 banks, 3 malls, a health club and 4 supermarkets. Additionally, the offices are a 2 minute walk from the train station making it very convenient for employees who live outside Beit Shemesh.

What hours are the offices open?

The offices are open Sunday-Thursday from 8am-midnight. Arrangements can be made for companies or individuals who need to remain at TeamUp after midnight and weekends.

What do I need to get started?

A computer and that’s it! Everything else is included.

What is included?

TeamUp provides your company with

  • Chair, desks and drawers for all your employees
  • Properly closed off rooms for each company which means less noise and distractions
  • High speed internet
  • 4 conference rooms
  • Access to lounges, meeting spaces and private booths
  • Fully stocked kitchen (coffee, tea, drinks and more)
  • FREE parking!

TeamUp’s all-inclusive, fully managed office space means your company no longer has to worry about cleaning, utilities, property taxes or purchasing paper for the fax or copier. Additionally, you do not have to sign a long-term agreement, meaning you can stay for as little or as long as you wish. This means a reduction in your administrative headaches and overhead costs.

Why use TeamUp?

TeamUp provides your company with the space and services it needs but eliminates all the administrative hassles of running your own office, allowing you to instead concentrate on growing your business.

Additionally, TeamUp’s model- private offices as opposed to an open floor layout- is the only shared workspace of its kind in Beit Shemesh.

Who can work at TeamUp?

TeamUp’s offices are open for local, small-to-medium businesses (3-12 people) who are looking to work alongside other local companies- such as hi-tech start ups, marketing agencies, law firms, financial-service providers and more- and are searching for collaboration opportunities to further business growth.

How long are office leases?

TeamUp has NO long term commitment requirement- you can rent offices for as little as 30 days and as long as multi-year contracts. Your business has the option to decide how long or how short your stay will be.

Can we have an event at TeamUp?

TeamUp’s offices include 4 conference rooms and other spaces which can be used for company events. You simply need to schedule the event with our office manager.

What is included with renting the conference rooms at TeamUp?
Looking for a place to hold meetings, team building exercises, training sessions or informal gatherings? TeamUp has just what you’re looking for!
Located in the BIG office building at the entrance to Beit Shemesh, we offer 3 professional conference rooms which include:
– Seating for 6, 12 or 18 people
– Secure, high speed wifi
– Wifi enabled large screen TV’s
– Phones for conference calls
Additionally, your team will have access to 2 informal lounges and our fully stocked kitchen- all the coffee, tea and drinks you need.

How can we learn more?

Contact us to schedule a visit and tour TeamUp’s office space.

What is the monthly/yearly cost for using TeamUp?

Contact TeamUp to discuss our pricing structure.

Have a question? Interested in veiwing our space?